So you want to win some Pokemon Go Fights? You’ve been collecting your Pokemon and walking your dog and family into the best shape of their coach-laden lives.  Now it’s time to hit the “Gym” in Pokemon GO, and we mean the virtual Gym, not the actual gym.  I mean, you’ve been walking your ass off, you can skip the gym for a few days. Seriously, take a day off, you deserve it.


Fighting and Effectiveness

Once you reach level 5, you can “hit the gym” and start fighting. I don’t recommend getting into any fights until you get the hang of evolving and powering up your Pokemon. Level 8 or 9 is good place to get started with fighting in the Gyms.

There are three ways to fight at the Gym. The other thing you need to know is which Pokemon are good against other Pokemon. We’ll call this their “effectiveness”.

  1. Tap the screen – this makes a regular attack.
  2. Swiping left or right – this is how you dodge attacks. It doesn’t work great yet, but for now, you can still avoid taking some damage.
  3. Special Attack – as your use your normal attack, the blue bar below your heath will fill up.  Once full, you can tap and hold down on the screen to make a special attack for extra damage to kick more ass.
  4. Effectiveness by Pokemon Type – Use the chart below to tell which Pokemon are good at fighting other Pokemon. For example, water-based Pokemon are effective again fire-based Pokemon and will do extra damage.
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Normal means you do the normal amount of damage – No Effect means you will do no damage to that Pokemon type, Not-Very Effective means you do half damage, and finally Super-Effective means you will do double damage.

When you look at the existing Pokemon Gym Leader, make sure that your Pokemon line-up is going to be effective against their.  You can boost or evolve your Pokemon that you need to be effective against your local Gym to get them in your highest Combat Power Pokemon.

Once you are a Gym Leader, you can get the Gym Leader T-Shirt to show off how awesome you are.