Just in case your players may have already read the Phandalen campaign, or snuck a peek at the map online, here’s the the map which I reversed, mirror-image style, in Photoshop.

Please note: We do not own the rights to this map – it is modified for use in the official WOTC Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition RPG only, and is not intended for reproduction or commercial use.

cragmaw hideout reversed map

A few other points I added for a little more challenge for my seasoned players:

I added 5 more goblins in the caves, in total. 2 more in the two largest rooms, and an additional one fishing in the ponds.

I had a small goblin hunting party that tours the area regularly leaving at dusk, returning at dawn.  These goblins could find your adventurers, travelling to the caves, from the caves, during their incursion, or while camping.

Happy Adventuring from Dungeon Master Matt!

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