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The Werewolf, one of many types of lycanthropes, is a man who turns into a half-man, half wolf creature by the light of the moon, or in darkness. Often the creature is an evil hunter, and the daytime-human is unaware of it’s activities and cannot remember the acts of violence committed.

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The Werewolf, one of many types of lycanthropes, is a man who turns into a half-man, half wolf creature by the light of the moon, or in darkness. Often the creature is an evil hunter by night.  In the daytime, the human inflicted is unaware of it’s activities and cannot remember the acts of violence committed by their werewolf counterpart.

There are many types of werewolves in literature, fantasy and science fiction.  Not to be confused with man-bear-pig, who is half man, half bear, and half pig. (see South Park) Or the Owl Bear in Tabletop RPGs. He looks cute and fuzzy as if he wants to be your pet.  He does not.  He wants to eat you – just run! Run, I said!

There are other types of were-animals, created from humanoid races with lycanthropy, such as were-rats, were-bears, were-sharks, and the dreaded were-rabbit, the Rabbit of Caerbannog, which we think is the beast of Monty Python fame.

“He’s got huge, sharp… er… He can leap about. Look at the bones!”

6 1/4″ x 8 1/2″ x 8 3/4″ Hand Painted Resin Statue – Works great for game props or to ward off nosey neighbors. When you are drawing out your tabletop RPG map for a few well caffeinated adventurers late one night and you place a couple of these puppies on the board, they are literally going to shit their pants*.  If you want to share this awesome page about werewolf statues, then you can always use the shortlink: https://goo.gl/IRll9B

This beast is no man, and no animal.  He’s only got two jobs, ruining a good pair of jeans and eating your kids.  This impressive and detailed werewolf statue will scare and impress your friends and may even cause a littel doubt on whether or not people want to spend the night in your home on a full moon.

*Pants-shitting not guaranteed.


Werewolves in the Movies

There has been a lot of werewolves in movies and werewolf movies, but not too many statues of werewolves in movies. An American Werewolf in London was a classic werewolf movie if you haven’t seen it. John Landis directed it and he’s the father of Max Landis, who is a writer and director in more current movies, like American Ultra and has been seen on the review show Red Letter Media. I think he’s probably a werewolf.

The oldest movie reference I could find of werewolves is a movie called “The Werewolf” made in 1913. It was billed as a “101 Bison” Two Reel Drama. It was 18 minutes in length.


It was a short film and the original reels of the short silent film were supposedly lost in a mysterious fire in 1924. Probably a cover up by the Lycans. Here’s a fun fact, the director, Henry MacRae, also produced the Flash Gordon Series. It is also rumored to have been a screen version of the short story “The Werewolves” by Henry Beaugrand, written in 1898.  Everyone back then was also named Henry, and they were all probably obsessed with statues of werewolves.

You don’t see any were-bison.  That would probably be pretty bad ass. Roaming the plains by day, eating the farmers by night.

The premise was that an old Indian Legend told of the ability for persons who have been turned into wolves through magic power can assume human form at will for purposes of revenge.

That’s a great adventure hook, if you need an idea for a game.  It’s like a reverse werewolf.  Not sure they made any statues of werewolves for the movie, but they should have.

Modern Day – Underworld & Twilight

Underworld at least had some seriously mean werewolves.  Except for the really big one, that didn’t really make any sense.  I know you need a bigger boss for a bigger movie ending, but seriously people. That was as lame as how Kate Beckinsale delivers her poorly written dialogue.  She kicks ass and all, but her dialogue was a bit weak. Just saying.

Selene Fights a giant Werewolf Statue

Anyway, the point here is that they actually made werewolf statues first.  Then they digitized them into 3d models for the movie.  So they had these really bad ass were-wolf statues around that people bought when they auctioned them after the movies.  That would be really cool, but since those cost 5-6 figures, you can get one of these bad boys for less than the cost of this series on BluRay.

Twilight werewolves, well they just aren’t werewolves. Let me share with you this short quote from WereWolf-News.com (yes that actually exists).

“Okay, I’ve had enough. Every time I pick up a paper or a magazine, browse through blogs or read a news web site, someone is going on about the werewolves in Twilight. Aside from being boring, cliched, visually uninteresting and a misappropriation of Native American culture, the werewolves in Twilight aren’t real werewolves.”

Crave Online had this interesting addition.

“This is more a movie issue than anything else but it’s still kind of bizarre. Apparently once you become a Werewolf you want to make sure to go unnoticed by walking around in pants with no shirt. You’d also apparently inherit rock hard abs once the change happens. Are there no chubby Werewolves or are they simply eaten once they’re born? I would also think it’d be hard to strut through the Pacific Northwest in no shirt when it gets balls shriveling cold up there.  I guess the intense heat of being a Werewolf trapped in the body of a street hustler keeps you warm.

I was also curious exactly why the transformation into a Werewolf took eight seconds from start to finish? Bones just don’t do that, skin doesn’t do that, and fur doesn’t grow that fast. Remember American Werewolf In London? That dude was invested in that transformation. Even the old fifties Werewolf had to sit there for five minutes while the camera “faded” him into lycanthrope glory. Not in Twilight, in that reality completely changing your entire physical make up is like sneezing or throwing up. I guess it’s why Werewolves don’t wear shirts in their human form. If they do they can’t change that fast. Much the same way that if you leave your tray down or seat reclined a plane can’t land.”

So take action now and get your own Werewolf Statue. We even have a Werewolf Pentagram Candle Holder, if you need something to hold your candles while you are burning Twilight books and watching Kate Beckinsale kick some butt.



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