Frigg Viking Norse God Ancient Coin


This Frigg Viking Norse God Ancient Coin created for collectors of Viking and Norse myth!

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Unearthed recently comes this ancient coin of the Vikings and Norse legends in the form of this Frigg Viking Norse God Ancient Coin. Offered exclusively at Gifts Of Gods. This coin is not seen or offered anywhere else in the market. The most powerful of the Viking pantheon, Frigg is the personification of goddess associated with foreknowledge and wisdom!

With this unearthing of this coin relic of the past we see how the forces of Valhalla worked on their godlike anvils creating their magical coins like this one with the appearance of Thor slamming his hammer down! This is a god coin like no other with rich gold and silver antique plating, 1.75″ in diameter and 4mm in thickness.

Be a part of the history and legend of the Vikings!



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