Evil Clown Face Covid Halloween Mask


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Nothing better than showing up to that fiendish costume Halloween party with your Evil Clown Face Covid Halloween Mask. Be the scariest person in the room with a Halloween design that has the originality you are looking for. At 7 x 5-1/8 inches this Evil Clown Face Covid Halloween Mask is a washable, reusable, non-medical with incredible Halloween art displayed on these original Covid masks which are not offered anywhere except Giftsofgods.com. As a premier fantasy art and design company we are proud to offer some of the widest selections of fantasy gift ware and products for you and your friends. Halloween comes around but once a year but your Halloween masks will leave an indelible memory with those who attended the party or walk the streets trick or treating.

Unlike many fantasy oriented gift ware and design companies out there, Gifts Of Gods is unique in that the designs created here are where the original design and concept first comes from. Our association with Frost Art allows our small USA based company the opportunity to offer first runs and limited editions before other companies can. The art sketches we develop later become some of the most exciting and highly detailed fantasy, deity and godlike statues and figurines thousands of customer seek. We invite you to check out Gifts Of Gods for some of the most unique collectibles and gift ware items on the planet.



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