Dragon Once Upon A Time Goblet


Have your Dragon Once Upon A Time Goblet at the ready when a toast is given!

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This Dragon Once Upon A Time Goblet is crafted from the finest hand painted resins displayed with ancient art brought to life in this fine goblet. Each of the goblets from Gifts Of Gods has the look and feel of the ages and carries the look of a goblet relic that is original as the person holding it. Each goblet has a removable stainless steel cup that is dishwasher safe measuring in size from 5-7 ounces depending on the overall size of your goblet.

These magical Goblets cover a wide variety of interests from skulls and crossbones to zombies, dragons, knights, cthulhu, ISIS, Annubis, skeletons, steampunk, viking and crusader goblet designs. Each hand painted, resin goblet is exclusively offered by Gifts Of Gods. These incredible goblets have some of the most unique mystical, magical and legendary designs found upon them making them the perfect tribute among friends or when displayed on your rack.

Goblet Size – H: 7 3/4″

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