Aphrodite Ancient Greek God Of Love And Beauty Coin


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Aphrodite Ancient Greek God Of Love And Beauty Coin with her legenday skills and powers arrives from Olympus in the form of this magnificent ancient coin. Offered exclusively at Gifts Of Gods. This coin is not seen or offered anywhere else in the market. As one of the most powerful of the ancient gods this Aphrodite Ancient Greek God Of Love And Beauty Coin is seen with the style of the Old World.This is a god coin like no other with rich gold and silver antique color plating, 2.00″ in diameter, 4mm in thickness and possessing the double antique silver and gold accents that make this coin of ancient times so powerful in its design. It is a coin of myth.

Be a part of the history and legend of the Greeks! Gifts of Gods has been supplying the gift industry with godlike figurines, coins, statues and a variety of other artistic and original artwork found in many fantasy gift items. This site holds the original art of Frost Art, and is a site that carries his designs that are known the world over. We proudly support his artistic endeavors by offering his unique designs on our exclusively offered products.

Unlike many fantasy oriented gift ware and design companies out there, Gifts Of Gods is unique in that the designs created here are where the original design and concept first comes from. Our association with Frost Art allows our small USA based company the opportunity to offer first runs and limited editions before other companies can. The art sketches we develop later become some of the most exciting and highly detailed fantasy, deity and godlike statues and figurines thousands of customer seek. We invite you to check out Gifts Of Gods for some of the most unique collectibles and gift ware items on the planet.



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