Blog 2

Instants can turn the tide of war in a moments notice instants can do many things from helping your own creatures to hurting your opponents having a instant can put opponents in position that they would never normally be put under let me give you an example let’s say both you and your opponent only have 1 creature on the board but his is a 8\8 while yours is only a 5\5 well under normal circumstances the 8\8 would win but the right instant can change that.

This instant is only 2 mana and it’s a common very easy to play this card. And compared to how much the opponent paid for his care (8/8)  you’re not paying much mana at all.

Blog 2-1

Target creature gets 4/4 until end of turn putting your creature at 9\9 which kills the enemy creature while saving your creature a card like this could easily turn the tide of war winning you the game.