In college we used to go down to the streets of Sunset Boulevard or into Hollywood on Halloween night and lo and behold some of the most inventive Halloween costumes and Covid Halloween masks appeared. What we didn’t know at the time and didn’t learn until a long time later that these people that walked the streets of Hollywood everyday and these Covid Halloween masks were not a once a year practice but a nearly every day thing. 

Put some of these designs for Covid Halloween masks into the memory banks and advance through a time portal from 2019 arriving in the year of Covid, 2020 and arrive at the development of Gifts Of Gods. Well there is a name right? So a website dedicated to amazing fantasy art and products and services now got transformed for Halloween into one of the coolest Halloween mask locations in the world. Not just the US but we have looked high and low for some of the best Covid Halloween masks and we are pretty sure we nailed the coffin shut with explosive, cutting edge, razor sharp and vampirical drooling Covid Halloween masks to see the light of day!

So how do you go about designing some of the best Covid Halloween masks out there? Its easy. You study every major horror and sci flick for decades and then you sprinkle a little pixie dust, nod to the Gods, cast a witches brew, toss in a murderer, blood sucking vampire, a few droplets of saliva left on the mouth of a recently transformed zombie and whallah! Covid Halloween masks.

Vampires, stitched mouths, red devils, zombies, ghouls, stapled mouths, evil green witches, killer hockey masks, Hannibal Lector, sugar skulls, evil clowns, gimps with zippered mouths, black cat faces, Rocky Horror mouths, Jack O Lanterns, a Mummy or two and werewolves that make up the Gifts Of God menagerie of Covid Halloween masks are not be found anywhere else. There are many Covid Halloween masks but there aren’t as many cool as hell Covid Halloween masks that are clearly not the norm as those from Gifts Of Gods.