Magic the Gathering is a relatively older game. It has evolved along the ages and changed in many ways. new rules cards and abilities have been added and taken away this game is ever changing and has many exceptions to its already existent rules players should take this into consideration as they build and progress decks. today we are going to cover the basics from what you need to know to build a deck and what you need to win. I know too many people this might seem intimidating and even frustrating so let’s jump right in.


First thing you need to decide is how many colors you want in your deck the advantages to having a multiple color deck are.

  • Averagely the more colors a card requires the better it is

However it is strongly advised to new players to make a two color deck Why?

  • A multiple color deck is harder to get the right ratios in mana for the card you need (we will go into that later)
  • A multiple color deck can be expensive and for inexperienced players it can be a nightmare


We also advise you not to pick a one color color deck because

  • Your creatures will not be as strong (this style of fighting is usually for very experienced players who have a strategy going into the deck)


Now it is time to explain the primary difference in color

  1. Black death and evil it deals damage to itself to achieve a goal.
  2. Red deals quick damage and will try to win the game in a short amount of time.
  3. Green what it lacks in abilities it makes up in brute force.
  4. White the color of good it puts out many enchantments and focuses on healing.
  5. Blue is control trying to stop the opponent’s dead in their tracks with spells


Now it’s  time to decide how much mana you want in your deck for a two color deck it is recommended that you have at least 23 with no more than 27 we advise you to play around with you amount of mana once your deck is built for now (24) is the amount of mana we want


Creatures to non creature cards.

It is important to balance your deck between creatures ,enchantments and sorcerys but the average amount of sorcerys in a deck is it is recommended you have around 20 creatures and 16 none creatures.


Now you have exactly 60 cards which is the number you want it is against the rules to have less and having more just waters down your deck hope you have fun on your long journey to becoming the best magic player.