Magic Items can give any adventurer the buff they need to get ahead in the treasure hunting game.  However cursed items are always something to watch out for because they can easily be the demise of many an unwary soul. These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do, but with a twist.

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These boots are both magical and cursed.

That barbarian could be unknowingly walking his party into certain danger or that cleric could be praying for guidance to see if she should take the good with the bad and try to use the boots to honor her deity in glorious battle. Either way, exciting adventure will abound!

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Boots Of Orc Summoning & Silver Detection

Once per day at random, there is a 1 in 6 chance that the boots will summon a number of orc equal to twice the level of the character. They will start in the nearest location where orcs generally are found.  So if the character is in a city or on the ocean, they are unlikely to see any orcs any time soon.

The character can also feel warmth in the palms of their hands when there is silver within 60′.  The warmth grows stronger when they are facing the silver source. If there are multiple sources, things can get confusing.

Boots of the Mighty Miner

These boots are dwarven sized and allow any dwarf to mine at 50% greater than normal speed and give them a bonus or advantage on checks related to mining, stone cutting, mountaineering, or other mining related checks. If the character is above ground with the boots on for more than 24 hours they lose the ability to sleep.

Boots of Glorious Fortitude

Whenever wearing these boots, the owner can walk or run twice as far without rest, and hold her breath underwater for twice as long. She will also grow 3 inches in height from the large heels on the boots. All non-threatening NPCs or creatures will have to roll a wisdom saving throw or immediately flee the area of the player.

Garl’s Boots of Stomping

Garl the Barbarian was legendary for his skills of stomping ass and falling out windows. Garl’s Boots were en-grained with his abilities in both fumbling his weapons and un-armed combat.

These boots cause the wearer to hurl their weapon in a random direction on any fumble rolls, but also allow he wearer to kick people in un-armed combat or as a secondary attack (treated as using two weapons) for 1d4 + str bonus damage. On a critical hit with the boots, the target is knocked prone unless two sizes larger than the wearer.

These boots will not fit any creatures smaller than a regular sized human but will fit large humans with big feet.

Swift Shoes of the Ever Followed

While wearing these low and stylish shoes, the wearer is silent and gain +2 on any checks for silent movement or moving while invisible or hiding. However, the nearest person of authority on ever full moon will immediately issue a writ to have them brought in alive to be imprisoned for a crime they did not commit.

Low Boots of De-Tanglement

Someone with these low boots cannot be entangled by magic, branches, vines, tentacles, or other similar entanglements. Everyone else, friend or foe, in a 30′ radius is more likely to be entangled and will get disadvantage or a penalty on saves vs entanglement, or a -2 to AC versus tentacle attacks.

Plate Mail Boots of Door kicking

Very simple effect – character gets advantage on rolls to kick open stuck doors, chests, and other door or lock related objects one would normally try to force open with a kick. The noise of said action will also echo twice as loud and carry twice as far, often alerting nearby foes.

Boots of Fasting

The wearer of these fine dark leather boots can go without one meal a day they would normally have, making their food last 30% longer. Great if you’re in a tight spot. However, roll a d20 every time the player sees fresh blood of an animal or monster. If you roll a 17 or higher, the player must attempt to drink the blood of the creature for 1d4+1 rounds, regardless of what else is happening at the time. Once the effect has been triggered, do not roll again for 48 hours.

Boots of Flirtation

The character will not understand at first but will immediately think of themselves as more attractive. They will gain +2 on all charisma, bluff, or related rolls. Every time they meet another humanoid, monsters included, that is of the opposite sex, roll a 1in10 change for the character to stop anything anyone around is doing, and loudly proclaim their love of the creature for all to see. This effect lasts until the humanoid refute their advances or attacked them or their friends.

Boots of Spell Thunder

These boots are rumored to have been worn by Thor himself and will not fit small sized humanoids.  Every time the wearer casts any spell, the ground will shake within 50′ radius and a thunderous noise similar to thunder will sound. Everything on the floor or connected to it will shake as well for one round.

This can shake items off of shelves and small and medium creatures will require a dexterity check (DC10) to not fall over. If they do fall over, they must spend their next action getting back up. This includes the wearer and his companions. Once adorned, these boots require a remove curse or dispel magic to undo the laces.

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Feel free to use these items in your games and modify them as you see fit. This will keep the fun crazy and the games crazy fun and keep your players guessing!

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Drive your players mad with there boots that are both magical and cursed!

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